Monday, 07 April 2014 12:29

Examiner Needed for Potential Position Opening

Credibility Assessments, LLC is soliciting for a qualified examiner for a future position opening.

The company primarily provides PCSOT testing for a State client located in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. Testing is primarily performed in secured field locations in the immediate area, and future testing will occur in the company office in Liberty, Missouri. The testing region does not require State Licensing. This is a full-time position and subject to periodic contract renewal with the State agency.

Mandatory Qualification: APA accredited school graduate. PCSOT training and a minimum 200 PCSOT completed examinations. A minimum 50 Specific Issue completed examinations. Membership in any of the three Polygraph Associations, however, the current contract requires APA membership. Up-to-date continuing education. No criminal convictions and no legal actions (regardless of conviction) involving moral turpitude or domestic violence.

Desired Qualifications: Baccalaureate degree in any field, however, a degree in Psychology, Social Sciences or Criminal Justice is desired. Possess good financial stability. Ability to operate independently of direct supervision. High efficiency with commercially available Office Productivity software, to include Miscrosoft Office and Corel. Ability to interact effectively with diverse personnel, which includes an offender population as well as Probation & Parole officers, Attorneys and clinical treatment professionals. Possess a strong work ethic and keen attention to detail. Ability to organize thoughts, maximize time-efficiency and produce products reflective of a high caliber professional.

Competitive salary based on commission with fairly stable annual testing.

Send resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Bryant Crosby: (402) 238-5528.

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