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Conclusion of the 2018 Annual Seminar

The January 2018 Annual Seminar is now a part of the National Polygraph Association history. There were a total of 97 members who came to the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for their continuing educational requirements and professional standards.

With our annual seminar came new names that filled the various positions of the National Polygraph Association Board. Before we discuss the new names, I would like to first thank all of the present and past board members/volunteers who have tirelessly worked to make this association a respected and professional organization for us all. Below are the changes that have occurred:

In 2017 the following members held a board position:

  • Chairman of the Board: Chip Morgan
  • President: Gary Davis
  • Vice President: John Odum
  • Secretary: Theodore "Ted" Parker, Sr.
  • Director: Rick Jordan
  • Director: Erik Abel
  • Treasurer: Bryant Crosby

For 2018 the Board Member positions are the following:

  • Chairman of the Board: Gary Davis
  • President: John Odum
  • Vice President:  Erik Abel
  • Secretary:  Spencer Brown (New to the Board)
  • Director:  Rick Jordan
  • Director:  Shon Thurman (New to the Board)
  • Treasurer:  Bryant Crosby

Both Shon Thurman and Spencer Brown have provided a short Curriculum Vitae (CV) of themselves for our readers included in the 2018 Spring Newsletter.

Also a special thank you to the conference speakers who provided valuable training and information for our continued educational requirements and professional standards.

Pillow Case Rapist: Case Study

John Odum

Karen Thorp

W. Bruce Voss

Tricia Busby, Ph.D

Managing Countermeasures

Walt Goodson

Pharmacology & Chemical Countermeasures

Patty Odum

Mind Maps

Chip Morgan


Presentation information is located at







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