Monday, 29 July 2013 10:49

The Vice President’s Letter to Members

Hi All, It was really nice seeing you all at the NPA Seminar. We are hoping that attendance will continue to grow. If you didn't attend, and have no excuse, shame on you. It's still cheap, fun, and informative. We had some really good speakers and enjoyed sharing ideas and experiences. If you have some idea's regarding speakers, be sure and share them with us.

It's been busy since the seminar. We have several new members and I welcome them to the NPA. The President, Chip Morgan, and I have talked about the possibility of forming a discussion group on "LinkedIn" in order to get more information out about the NPA and our profession. Chip is still working on it. If you haven't joined "LinkedIn" you should and follow discussions in "Polygraph Examiners.” There you will find lots of good information and sharing of ideas. Recent discussion included an inquiry about racial biases during pre-employment interview/polygraphs. Interesting topic. I'm sure some of you could contribute with your experiences.

We will be changing the NPA website soon and incorporating some of the suggestions you gave us at the conference. Look forward to the new site (same address) being up and running by May-June. There will be a members only section and a "How To Find an Examiner" section that will contain your contact information if you want us to publish it. If you choose not to have your info published, or choose to modify the info, contact Ted, Bree, or myself so we can make sure only the info you want will be in there. It's may be possible, later on, for you to go in and modify your own info off of your password.

Honest, ethical, and truthful, the NPA!


Jim Woods
Vice President National Polygraph Association

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