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A Look Back at the 2013 NPA Seminar

The 2013 National Polygraph Association Seminar at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, NV was a valuable educational experience, great networking opportunity, and a fun time! Thank you so much to the NPA officers and board members who put in hard work to make the seminar possible!!!

Update from Treasurer

In 2012 the Board of Directors voted to award one NPA member, attending the annual business meeting, a new instrument from the manufacturer of their choice. At the 2013 meeting the lucky member was John Christensen from Lake Havasu, Arizona. Congratulations John on your new Stoelting CPS Pro!

Who will be the winner at the 2014 Seminar and Business Meeting? It could be you. The 2014 Seminar is already shaping up and will be held at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, January 20, 21, and 22. The Board will meet on January 19, 2014 and all members are invited to attend.

For seminar information contact Gary Davis

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 785-828-3248

Gary F. Davis

Treasurer, NPA

The 2013 NPA Officers and Board

From Left to Right… Gary Davis – Treasurer, Claude Davis – Director, Ron Davis – Chairman of the Board, Jim Woods – Vice President, Joseph Garcia – Director, Chip Morgan – President, Ted Parker – Secretary (not shown)From Left to Right… Gary Davis – Treasurer, Claude Davis – Director, Ron Davis – Chairman of the Board, Jim Woods – Vice President, Joseph Garcia – Director, Chip Morgan – President, Ted Parker – Secretary (not shown)From Left to Right… Gary Davis – Treasurer, Claude Davis – Director, Ron Davis – Chairman of the Board, Jim Woods – Vice President, Joseph Garcia – Director, Chip Morgan – President, Ted Parker – Secretary (not shown)


A special thank you to the three presenters who spoke at this year’s seminar. Thank you for the excellent education and training you provided!

Ben BlalockBen BlalockChip Morgan & Michael WoodrowChip Morgan & Michael Woodrow

Happy 25th Anniversary National Polygraph Association




In January 2013 the National Polygraph Association Membership honored Mike Pirouzian with a lifetime membership in recognition of his service and dedication to the polygraph community. President Chip Morgan presented Mike with this award, which received a unanimous vote by the membership. Congratulations Mike!


Shots from the conferenceShots from the conferenceShots from the conference

Meeting Minutes

National Polygraph Association
Board Meeting January 20, 2013
12:59 PM Start


Chip Morgan, President
Floyd Lawrence, Vice President / Membership
Gary Davis, Treasurer
Theodore Parker, Secretary
Claude Davis, Director
Bryant Crosby, Director
Ron Davis, Chairman of the Board
Will Draughon
Jim Woods
Corky Heller
Patrick O’Burke
Peter Pierappeli
Bree Ramirez
Mike Pirouzian


Chip Morgan, President

President asked if all Board Members were present
The review that all were present
-Wants Newsletters, briefings and reports sent electronically not hard copy
-All Newsletters will have application for membership installed
-Area training (local, State, national) will be posted in newsletter
-Newsletter will have sections that must be filled (President Corner, Membership Corner,
Secretary Corner, Director Corner, State Corner)
-Will ask members to provide articles of interest by State for State Corner
-Rewrite job description to include, Executive and Board member newsletter input a must

Gary Davis

Treasurer Report
-Nametags will be given to all new members at NPA expense when first join. Price and
choice of type nametag attachment will be placed in Newsletter for all members to replace
their nametags before seminar if needed (Permanent nametags for members)

Floyd Lawrence

Membership Review
Rewrite membership application to ask if person has ever been under investigation by another
polygraph association that was not completed or founded (i.e. APA, AAPP, NPA) Write
subsection in By-Laws

Theodore Parker

Secretary Review
-Get electronic copy of membership from Treasurer for Web site
-Work on control of web site and updating web site, placing members list on it, should cover
(Name, E-mail, State, Phone number) Members will choose what goes under their name in
web site members list
-Conference call each month to key members of president staff and board members to get
concerns and input (hold president staff and Board members accountable for what they say
they would do)

Bree Ramirez

Editor Review
-Need newsletter three times a year mandatory (Agreed March, July, and November)
-Editor needs list of active members
-Editor asked for list of training available from other polygraph organizations (APA, AAPP)
-Newsletter prior to yearly seminar should post upcoming training provided at seminar to
entice personal to attend
-Newsletter will have NPA application form installed when sent to member

Ron Davis

-Will research other polygraph newsletters (APA, AAPP) for republish articles of interest in
NPA newsletter

Claude Davis

-Work of past organizational history of NPA to be posted in parts at a time in upcoming

Old Business:

-President asked to investigate unprofessional conduct of member, was unfounded and not
brought up to Board, case closed without action
-Continuing problem in other associations, if member is placed under investigation, member
will drop out for few years then reapply without investigation being reopen. Membership
officer must have contact with APA, AAPP during background investigation to see if
member has ever been under investigation or backed out of other association because of
investigation. Membership officer must complete investigation before member can reapply
into any polygraph association. Membership officer must coordinate with other association
to ensure someone under investigation does not jump to another association to circumvent
the prior/proper investigation.

Closed open Board Meeting at 2:13 PM
All Non Board members asked to depart

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