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Ten years ago a quiet project began in the Midwest.  It was a new approach to the management of sexually violent offenders that utilized a unique combination of diagnostic tools and newly created polygraph procedures developed by clinical staff and polygraph experts.  Until now, these tests and procedures have remained within the walls of The Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center. This seminar will share these polygraph procedures.

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center

 Sand RidgeSand Ridge

Clinical Faculty: David Thornton, PhD

As part of this training, Dr. Thornton will lead participants through the steps of risk assessment and how polygraph testing is invaluable to that process.  Additionally, participants will get a rare glimpse of life for the more than 300 patients inside this highly secured facility and have the clinical process explained.  Dr. Thornton is the 2005 recipient of the ATSA Significant Achievement Award.

Clinical Faculty: Lloyd Sinclair, LCSW

Mr. Sinclair will provide invaluable insight for both clinicians and polygraph examiners into understanding the SVP, and will describe the multi-disciplinary approaches to evaluating and reducing risk among this population.  He will offer insight into testifying in Court about risk, re-offense among SVPs, and the risk assessment tools employed including polygraph testing.

For more information, please contact:

Robin Olson Behavioral Measures Midwest, LLC Phone:  (262) 521-3318 Fax:  (262) 521-3319 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ';document.getElementById('cloakefa62b029a97fab7e121cf3b2d6ca821').innerHTML += ''+addy_textefa62b029a97fab7e121cf3b2d6ca821+'<\/a>';


Location: Mauston, Wisconsin                 When: Thursday & Friday October 3 & 4, 2013

Polygraph Faculty: Bill Scheve

Mr. Scheve will instruct seminar participants in conducting and understanding the applications of Sexual Thoughts & Fantasy Polygraph Testing along with several other unique procedures developed for institutional and civilly committed persons, including the Institutional Treatment Test, the Active Account & Formative Event Test, and Countermeasures among civilly committed and institutionalized inmates.

Polygraph Faculty: Eric J. Holden, M.A., L.P.C.

Mr. Holden will instruct seminar participants about new thoughts concerning the use of polygraph procedures as an assessment tool in institutional settings; as an assessment tool for clinicians responsible for determining risk among SVP populations; and when polygraph should be viewed as a testing tool employing validated procedures where the scientific basis of professional opinions and test results should be the primary concern.

Registration Fee:          $250 in advance $275 at the door

Behavioral Measures Institute Certificate of Training for 16 hours (at The Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center) will be issued 



The National Polygraph Association Board would like to extend our deepest sympathies to member John Harvill who lost his wife Sandra to cancer November 13, 2012. John and Sandra were married for 50 years.


I would like to remind membership to give the officers and board input for class topics that they would like to see for the 2014 seminar.

Joseph Garcia

Director, NPA


Good day all,
The 2013 Seminar has passed and so much to do. With 2014 just around the bend, I’m ready to work with each of our members and learn something new. We have a few new members in the works and Bree our publisher will get the names out in the newsletter. If all goes well they become voted in at the 2014 seminar. Just a note, I may not get to e-mails directly but I always have my phone, call if we need something. I am looking forward to seeing the new members and learning how we can make this a great 2014 seminar. If you have changes to your personal or business information, please, get this to me. I keep the NPA listing of associates and the listing of our members, help me keep this current.


Theodore W. Parker, Sr.


National Polygraph Association

Additional Training Opportunities

American Association of Police Polygraphists

Co-sponsored by the North Carolina Polygraph Association &

South Carolina Association of Polygraph Examiners

Dates: June 2-7, 2013

Where: Charlotte, North Carolina


New NPA Members!

David Serfustini

Mesa, AZ
Arizona School of Polygraph

Neil Myres

Livonia, MI
Maryland Institute of Criminal

Edward Hoffman

Albuquerque, NM
National Center for Credibility

Bill Crawford

Caldwell, ID

April Moon

Galt, CA
Backster School of Lie

Dean Bausman

Cripple Creek, Colorado
Arizona School of Polygraph

Eric Jackson

Grand Rivers, KY
American International Institute
of Polygraph

Maria Hubbard

Huntsville, TX
American International
Polygraph Institute

Christie Monson

Kailua-Kona, HI

New Membership Applicants

Alan Jennerich

Weatherby Lake, MO

Todd Vandivert

Anacortes, WA
Arizona School of Polygraph

Elie Lahhoud

Glendale, AZ
Arizona School of Polygraph
Science &Wells Polygraph Institiute


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