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A Message From The President

Welcome to the National Polygraph Association,

We are a professional polygraph organization that was founded with an eye toward assisting the private polygrapher. However, we have grown in all aspects and now many of our members work for various branches and levels of government, as well as our core of private polygraphers.

Polygraphers from all walks of life realize that our organization offers more training for less money than any of the other national polygraph organizations.

As a growing organization, we have felt the growing pains of updating our organizational infrastructure. In the last year, we have committed to a major redesign of our web presence. We are now able to take reservations and payments online through our updated website, as well as track members' training and training hours.

We recognize that a major area of polygraphy in today's world lies in the realm of Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, known as PCSOT. We have committed to offering this type of training at each annual seminar so our members who offer PCSOT in their practice can secure their needed annual training through the NPA.  

Please browse through our new, updated website and become familiar with all that the National Polygraph Association offers the modern polygrapher.

On a sad note, we lost one of our founding polygraph examiners this past year with the passing of Cleve Backster. We honor and acknowledge the lifetime achievement of Cleve Backster in our profession. Please review the obituary in this newsletter for Cleve.



Chip Morgan

President - National Polygraph Association


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