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Fall 2018 Issue

Hello All. I hope everyone is having a wonderful, prosperous and productive year. Each year, I am so happy to be your servant and perform duties as your treasurer and even more to serve the National Polygraph Association. Our organization is unique in its own way and concurrently provides stellar seminars and member benefits. We only grow in numbers and knowledge through your participation. Your seminar committee has assembled highly credentialed speakers and topics and I’ll let Shon Thurman provide more specifics on their committee actions. My portion of the seminar committee is ensuring we negotiate and receive a competitive contract at the venue (Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino) and the hotel management and staff perform their duties to the highest caliber. We have enjoyed many years of outstanding facilities, prices and guest accommodations. The seminar brochure contains the information related to costs for the 2019 Annual Seminar. In October, I emailed invoices for your annual Membership Dues. To be in good standing, dues require payment not later than December 31st of each year. You have the convenience of payment online at our website at: https://www.nationalpolygraph.org/membership/pay-membership-dues or you can mail your check with a copy of the invoice to: National Polygraph Association, c/o Bryant Crosby, Treasurer; P.O. Box 32, Talbott, TN 37877. If you belong to an organization that submits payments on your behalf, please ensure that organization cites your name on the check or online submission so the payment is applied to the correct person. Thusfar, I’ve submitted two email notices of the 2019 Annual Seminar with the brochure. If you desire to attend, please either register online at: https://www.nationalpolygraph.org/membership/2019-annual-seminar or mail a check to: National Polygraph Association, c/o Bryant Crosby, Treasurer; P.O. Box 32, Talbott, TN 37877. I will submit another email reminder at a reasonable time. As a reminder, we contracted for a limited number of hotel rooms at the very low conference rate. The last day the rate exists is December 19, 2018, or until the contracted number of rooms is expired. As always, if you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at (423) 312-3912. Bryant Crosby

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